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Not all kitchen knives are equal!Since kitchen knives will be an investment that is used daily for all your cooking days, selecting good quality ones that have durability, strength, good handling, and endurance is a must.Whether you need a knife for hunting or cooking, the most famous instructor helps you pick the right one in these application videos.In this application we will help you to learn step by step what you need to know about Knives:
1- What Is a Butterfly Knife? 2- What Is a Boning Knife? 3- What Is a Carving Knife? 4- What Is a Chefs Knife? 5- What Is a Paring Knife? 6- What Is a Santoku Knife? 7- How to Sharpen & Clean Your Knife 8- What Is a Bowie Knife? 9- How to Buy a Knife 10- What Is a Custom Handmade Knife? 11- How to Use a Sharpening Steel 12- How to Use a Sharpening Stone 13- What Is a Pocket Knife? 14- How to Buy a Pocket Knife 15- What Is a Swiss Army Knife? 16- How to Buy a Swiss Army Knife 17- How to Buy a Switchblade Knife 18- Whats the Best Knife for Self-Defense? 19- Whats the Best Knife for Camping or Backpacking? 20- How to Pick a Hunting Knife 21- What Is a Throwing Knife? 22- What Is a Switchblade? 23- What Is a Survival Knife? 24- How to Buy a Survival Knife 25- What Is a Buck Knife? 26- How to Buy a Bowie Knife 27- How to Buy a Buck Knife 28- What Is a Tactical Knife? 29- How to Buy a Tactical Knife
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